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Actived: Wednesday Mar 25, 2020


COZY PET Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Wish I had read these reviews first. Bought two rabbit runs off them as the pictures on their website matched the ones I already had and I wanted to link them up. The ones they provided are similar but far inferior quality (flimsy) with different doors positions which don't match up with mine.

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Result Plan Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

A return customer. This is the second time I’ve used the plan. Fresh, tasty food, decent portions, variety, fair value, and you get results. Like all diets you need to be strict and stick to the plan, if you do it will work and you will lose substantial weight.

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The Bath and Tile Depot Reviews | Read Customer Service

Awful company just rip you off. Useful. Share. Reply. Carol Bennion 2 reviews. Absolutely dreadful service. Don't buy from these people . Their delivery company dumped half of our order on the doorstep of an empty property and told lies that it had been signed for . They took one piece of four back as it was smashed . Reply from The Bath

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Slickdeals Reviews | Read Customer Service - Trustpilot

Slickdeals more like sickodeals. You can't post anything on there without so idiot having a go at you this could be a joke at the expense of an online service like games with gold which was my case and you get insulted and all they will do is use autism as an insult the site is full of trolls and the moderators don't even do their job - there is noting but the truth in this review and nothing

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MED Repairs Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www

Sent off for an iPad Air 2 battery replacement after being quoted practically the value of a brand new iPad from Apple themselves. The service was great, didn’t take long at all and they kept me up to date the whole time. They were even kind enough to fix an issue not related to battery, pro bono, and just said it would be good for them to

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RetailMeNot Reviews - Trustpilot

Retailmenot everyday spams your mailboxes. They literally mail you thousands of useless paper coupons to fill up your mailbox. Please if you work for this pathetic useless company, please quit your job and look for a job somewhere else more respectable.

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Pouch Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Hello Geoffrey. We are still very much in business. We suffered a bug after going on dragons den that meant our email verification failed for a small % of users. Please email [email protected] with your question and I will be able to reply. Sorry for the late reply on Trustpilot, We turned off notifications so only just saw this post. Thanks

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Dealscove Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

I own one of the stores that Deals Cove reports to have coupons for, and I've never created the coupons! It's a total scam and I can't understand why Google Analytics reports to me that sales have been made from people visiting this site. I can't imagine the customer is anything but p'd off after visiting such a waste of time website.

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Groupon Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of groupon

Bought a deal when they were advertising a coupon code on their own website for an extra 10% off. They debited my account straight away but then a few days later told me that my amount is being refunded due to ínvalid postal address' and allow 7 working days for my refund to go through.

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L.L.Bean Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www

Hubby and I ordered a bunch of stuff today--more than $500 worth--because we had a coupon code for 25 precent off. I called, placed the order, then horror of horrors, the bill was for $1000--they ordered three sets of flannel sheets instead of one, two pairs of mocs instead of one, two pairs of cords. I called back.

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